The Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice was founded in the spring of 2009 under the leadership of AA Bronson and Kathryn Reklis.

Δ The Institute's Mission is to explore the relationship between art and religion through the lens of social justice.

The Institute is not faith-specific, and is focused on contemporary art and artists as a means of addressing issues of social justice today. The Institute works with various partners to undertake projects in the form of exhibitions, performance, lectures, panel discussions, publishing, conferences, and other forms of public presentation designed to focus attention on the interdependent themes of art, religion, and social justice.

Δ The Institute commissions and supports contemporary art projects and practices relating to our mission.

As of January, 2016, The Institute for Art, Religion and Social Justice declared itself a nomadic institution. In the past The Institute has taken on projects in New York and Rotterdam. In the future we plan to undertake projects wherever they may reveal themselves. Our offices are located in Toronto and Berlin.